Project Description

Saurabh Amin

Robert N. Noyce Career Development Associate Professor

Research Interests: network control, resilient infrastructures


Room 1-241
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139

Telephone: 617.253.8003
Assistant: Roberta Pizzinato /

Research Website:


  • B.Tech. 2002, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee
  • M.S. 2004, University of Texas (UT) Austin
  • Ph.D. 2011, University of California (UC) Berkeley

Research Interests

My research focuses on the design and implementation of high confidence network control algorithms for infrastructure systems. My research group works on robust diagnostics and control problems that involve using networked systems to facilitate the monitoring and control of large-scale critical infrastructures, including transportation, water, and energy distribution systems. We also study the effect of security attacks and random faults on the survivability of networked systems, and designs incentive-compatible control mechanisms to reduce network risks.

  • Networked control systems: theory and algorithms
  • Applied game theory
  • Cyber-physical systems security
  • Network economics: pricing and incentive regulation

Teaching Interests

  • 1.020  – Principles of Energy and Water Sustainability

Introduces a systems approach to modeling, analysis, and decision-making problems for water and energy sustainability; formulation of models based on physical, environmental, social, and economic principles; and economic evaluation of design. Covers applications of mass balance, energy balance, and economic and lifecycle concepts. Uses numerical models to integrate concepts and to assess environmental impacts of human activities.

  • 1.208  – Resilient Infrastructure Networks

Control algorithms and game-theoretic tools to enable resilient operation of large-scale infrastructure networks. Dynamical network flow models, stability analysis, robust predictive control, fault and attack diagnostic tools. Strategic network design, routing games, congestion pricing, demand response, and incentive regulation. Design of operations management strategies for different reliability and security scenarios. Applications to transportation, logistics, electric-power, and water distribution networks.

Awards and Honors

  • IIT Roorkee Best B.Tech. Design Project Award January 2002
  • Solomon Buchsbaum AT&T Research Fund Award January 2012
  • MIT CEE Cross-Disciplinary Seed Fund 2014
  • NSF Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award April 2015
  • Siebel Energy Institute Research Grant July 2015
  • Google Research Award August 2015

Selected Publications

  1. M. Dahan, L. Sela Perelman, S. Amin, “Network sensing for security agains link disruption attacks,” 54th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Monticello, IL, USA, 2016
  2. J. Liu, S. Amin, G. A. Schwartz, “Effects of information heterogeneity in bayesian routing games,” working paper, MIT, arXiv:1603.08853, March 2016
  3. M. Dahan, S. Amin, “Security games in network flow problems,” working paper, MIT, arXiv:1601.07216, January 2016
  4. D. Shelar, S. Amin, “Security assessment of electricity distribution networks under DER node compromises,” IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems, Special issue on cyber-physical systems security, (forthcoming)
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