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Infrastructure monitoring in communications-constrained areas

By René Andrés García Franceschini ’19 During one of the first weeks of the fall semester of my junior year, I had a call with Andrew Weinert, a researcher at the Lincoln Laboratory, to try to narrow down what my SuperUROP project would be. Weinert works on the use of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUASs) [...]

There’s a 30% Chance that it’s Already Raining: Inside a CEE Capstone Project

By Rachel Galowich ’18 and Jill Dressler ’18 Your two favorite blogging seniors are back! In our last post, Jill gave a great introduction into the background and significance of our project. With our next two posts, we hope to dive a little deeper into the computer science going on behind the scenes. Jill and [...]

Abroad in Israel: Halfway done

By Amy Vogel ’20 I am about to start the 8th week of my internship... it is crazy to think that my time at the Technion is more than halfway over! But on the other hand, I feel like I have already accomplished a lot. Between the two of us, Omar and I have nearly [...]

Professor Yossi Sheffi publishes book on Environmental Sustainability in Business

Yossi Sheffi, Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems and CEE, and Director of the Center for Transportation and Logistics, recently published a new book entitled “Balancing Green: When to Embrace Sustainability in Business and When Not To.” MIT News featured the book; the article describes case studies of large companies grappling with their impact [...]

Review from Professor Markus Buehler featured on the cover of Nature Reviews: Materials

A review from Professor Markus Buehler, former postdoc Shengjie Ling and David Kaplan of Tufts University was featured on the cover of the April edition of Nature Reviews: Materials. The paper, entitled “Nanofibrils in nature and materials engineering,” summarizes the hierarchical design strategies of cellulose, silk and chitin, focusing on nanoconfinement, fibrillar orientation and alignment [...]

Projects from Professor Jesse Kroll and Professor Colette Heald receive funding from the Tata Center

Associate Professor Jesse Kroll and Professor Colette Heald each received funding from the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design for two new research projects that can make an impact on the developing world. Kroll received funding for a project on "Modeling and Deployment Strategies for Low-Cost Air Quality Sensors in Urban India," which will [...]

Professor Desirée Plata’s startup company receives Innovation Crossroads award from the Department of Energy

Professor Desirée Plata’s startup company, Nth Cycle LLC, was awarded the Department of Energy’s Innovation Crossroads award, a $0.5M entrepreneurial traineeship. The award was granted to Megan O’Connor, co-founder of Nth Cycle LLC and current postdoc in Plata’s lab. Nth Cycle LLC aims to help transition the United States away from their reliance on primary [...]

Professor Ruben Juanes receives Editors’ Suggestion from Physical Review Letters

Ruben Juanes, the ARCO Associate Professor in Energy Studies, and Xiaojing (Ruby) Fu, a postdoctoral associate, received the Physical Review Letters (PRL) Editors’ Suggestion for a paper on “Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of hydrate growth on a gas-liquid interface.” PRL awards “Editor’s Suggestion” to acknowledge a paper’s importance, innovation, and broad appeal.

The Herman Project, a citizen science sourdough project from Professor Otto Cordero’s lab, featured on MIT News

The Herman Project, a citizen science sourdough project from Assistant Professor Otto Cordero’s lab, was featured on MIT News. The Herman Project digitizes the tradition of peer-to-peer sharing of sourdough starters by asking users to document their location and type of flour used, and to share samples of the starter with Cordero’s lab. Postdoc Gabriel [...]

Abroad in Israel: HOT lane networks and exploring Israel

By Amy Vogel ‘20 I can't believe I've already been at the Technion for five weeks; the time is flying by! I've just returned from a week of vacation for Passover, but the weeks leading up to the holiday were like (literally) running a marathon! Me after running the "Technion Marathon," a 5K race that [...]